What Would It Take To Sustain BTC’s Price at $100,000?

2 min readJun 7, 2020


The price of Bitcoin can reach $100,000 and stay stable there if $90 million worth of BTC is ingested each day. Industry administrators and acclaimed technical analysts including Morgan Creek CEO Mark Yusko and trader Peter Brandt anticipate Bitcoin (BTC) to reach $100,000 in the long haul. For that to occur, the top cryptocurrency needs to see steady accumulation.

As indicated by option trader Theta Seek, at the price of Bitcoin to stay stable at that value point, financial specialists need to investor $90 million in BTC consistently.

Is $90 million inflow into Bitcoin regularly practical?

The $90 million figure is gotten from the total amount of BTC that miners can mine every day. After the 2020 halving, miners can create up to 900 BTC every day. On the off chance that the cost of price comes to $100,000, 900 BTC will be identical to $90 million. Data from Byte Tree shows miners sold all BTC they mined in the previous week, like to cover operational expenses. Given that miners normally sell what they mine all the time, the assumptions that the selling pressure on Bitcoin may reach $90 million when BTC hits $100,000 is sensible.

Theta Seek explained that single direction to consider the accumulation of such a lot of Bitcoin is to imagine predictable purchasing request from retail inverters. Market data from Glass node correspondingly recommends holders have been consistently accumulating Bitcoin since the time the price of BTC collided with $3,600.

What might it take to reach $100,000?

The absorption of $90 million in day by day selling pressure would support BTC at $100,000, however not prompt an upsurge to that point.

For Bitcoin to hit $100,000, it would need to accomplish a market capitalization of $2.1 trillion. That is around 25% of the market cap of gold. The perception of Bitcoin as a set up store of significant value needs increment and institutional, retail, futures and choices market activities should arrive at new levels.

Bitcoin has seen some improvement in being recognized as a store of value as of late. JP Morgan became the first major bank to reportedly open records for cryptocurrency exchange and Gray scale saw record institutional activity in the main quarter of 2020.




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