Paxful defends against a number of serious threats, wards of 220,000 bot attacks with various social engineering ploys

Paxful, a shared cryptocurrency marketplace, has effectively protected against various dangers, including 220,000 bot assaults and an assortment of social engineering ploys — all in the span of two months.

During a similar time-frame hackers figured out how to take around $200 million worth of digital money from the KuCoin trade, and another unconnected attack saw $5.4 million stolen from Eterbase.

Paxful said that its alleged attackers attempted to use automated bots to brute force their way into accounts belonging to the project’s users:

“Bots, which are reported to generate about a quarter of global Web traffic, are de facto programs that emulate the actions of a real device for the purposes needed. They are a big headache for e-commerce businesses today, with cybercriminals using them to steal money, brute-force user credentials or carry out DDoS attacks.”

Worldwide lockdown has given criminals various chances. Despite the fact that not the greatest harm, the most publicized exploit of this nature was one perpetrated by a few teenagers who managed to hack some of Twitter’s biggest accounts.