Once Again Canada Faces a New Bitcoin Scam

A neighborhood storekeeper in Winnipeg detailed that few of his customers were victims of a Bitcoin scam.

A Bitcoin (BTC) trick is apparently focusing on people who live in Winnipeg, Canada. A neighborhood store owner warned that huge numbers of his customers were casualties of this scam.

As per Global News, Husni Zeid set an enormous sign on the Bitcoin machine he has in his store, requesting that individuals practice alert with respect to phone scams that request fake Bitcoin investments.

Zeid told the neighborhood news sources:

“A lot of people are getting phone calls saying that they have to transfer the money to Bitcoin regarding CRA; we’ve had Manitoba Hydro as well.”

Numerous complaints

He focused on that the scams have happened over and over numerous times each week, and states that they get complaints from victims persistently.

Atmosphere Morissette, a worker at store talked about a lady who got very affected by the scam:

“Yesterday a mom was in here and she said she gave all her savings to them and she was just crying. It was heartbreaking that she fell for it; it was sad, and all she kept saying was ‘I have kids.’ It was awful.”

The employee likewise said that when somebody is purchasing bitcoin at their machine while on the telephone, they regularly warn individuals that a scam might be in underway.

Tied to a Bitcoin scam in Alberta?

The reports from Winnipeg share similitudes with another scam we gave an account of June 19. In that case, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, or RCMP, claim that fraudsters imitated the nearby authorities so as to blackmail Bitcoin from their victim.

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